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Water Rates


Meter SizeMonthly Minimum ChargeWater Charge
5/8" (residential)$12.00$1.70/100 gallons
3/4" (minimum commercial service)$18.00$1.70/100 gallons
1"$30.00$1.70/100 gallons
1 1/2"$60.00$1.70/100 gallons
2"$96.00$1.70/100 gallons
3"$192.00$1.70/100 gallons
4"$300.00$1.70/100 gallons
6"$600.00$1.70/100 gallons



TERMS OF PAYMENT: 10% Penalty after 20 days following date of presentation.

* For all taps served in Stewart Township, Fayette County and funded by a Pennvest loan project, the minimum monthly charge is the meter size charge plus 3600 gallons of water

* For all taps served in Westmoreland County and funded by a Pennvest loan project, the minimum monthly charge is the meter size charge plus 2000 gallons of water.

Water allowance associated with minimum monthly billing Revised August, 2015


Metered Tap Sizes

5/8" Residential Service - Non-Sprinkler$2000.00
3/4" Minimum Commercial Service$2430.00
1"See Water Tap Fee Schedule
1 1/2"3"See Water Tap Fee Schedule
2"See Water Tap Fee Schedule
3"See Water Tap Fee Schedule
4"See Water Tap Fee Schedule
6"See Water Tap Fee Schedule

-Tap Fees Revised Effective July 26 2018-

Water Tap Fee Schedule (effective October 23, 2020)

Meter Size (inch)5/8" x 3/4"3/4"1"1 1/2"2"3"4"6"8"
 Capacity (Maximum Continuous (gmp))20305012516040080016002700
 Equivalent Factor1.001.502.506.258.0020.0040.0080.00135.00
 Capacity Charge$390.00$585.00$975.00$2437.50$3120.00$7800.00$15600.00$31200.00$52650.00
 Distribution Charge$450.00$675.00$1125.00$2812.50$3600.00$9000.0$18000.00$36000.00$60750.00
Total Tapping Fee Component$840.00$1260.00$2100.00$5250.00$6720.00$16800.00$33600.00$67200.00$113400.00
Customer Facilities Fee$740.00$750.00$860.00$1260.00$1470.00 + DDeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Developer
Connection Fee$420.00$420.00$420.00 + d$420.00 + d$420.00 + dDeveloperDeveloperDeveloperDeveloper
Total Water Tap Fee$2000.00$2430.00$3380.00 + d$6930.00 + d$8610.00 + D + d$16800.00 + Developer$33600.00 + Developer$67200.00 + Developer$113400.00 + Developer

D= Additional cost of meter and accessories above 1 1/2" meter.
d= Additional cost of water service line, labor, equipment and administrative costs above 3/4" diameter service line
Developer = Furnished and installed by Developer



Standard Residential Tap per Premise (5/8" Meter)$75.00
CommercialEst. gross monthly bill + 1 month

-Deposit Fees Revised Effective February 2023

Payment Policy

All payments received are applied first to interest and penalty then to principal.  Unpaid balances (more than 30 days) charges @ rate of 1/2% per month or 0.00017% per day


Bulk Water Sales

$18.00 per 1,000 gallons (2,000 gallon minimum)

-Revised February 2023-


Fire Protection

Std. HydrantInstalled at Cost
Annual Maintenance Fee (Municipal)as per Agreement
Annual Maintenance Fee (Private)$125.00
Sprinkler Service ConnectionCost per Tap Sizing
Annual Maintenance Fee(see "Annual Fire Protection Charge chart below)


Annual Fire Protection Charge (effective July 28 2011)
Tap Size2"3"4"6"
Annual Charge$250.00$500.00$750.00$1,000.00