Frequently Asked Questions

Tap water providers and bottled water providers must meet the same water quality standards. In fact, tap water providers are required to conduct more frequent water quality testing and reporting than bottled water providers. Some consumers prefer the taste of bottled water, and some choose bottled water because they have special health needs. But tap water is a much better deal at costs of 1,000 times less than bottled water.

Water rates are comparable or less than most similar-sized water systems in Pennsylvania. Unless there has been a mistake on your bill (a very rare occurrence), the normal amount of your monthly bill reflects YOUR amount of service. If you want to compare your bill or usage to that of your neighbors’ or friends’, make sure you do so with several customers with like-sized families to that of yours. For comparison, the average residential customer throughout our system uses 140 gallons Per Day (gpd). However, an average residential household in our service area is comprised of 2.5 persons. Therefore, a family with 2 or 3 children, or more, would pay a higher bill.